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Set the Scene:

Cue your dancers' selective attention before teaching your choreography.

Present yourself appropriately and teach through imitation.

Strategically use words and sound to help your dancers dually encode your choreography.

Teach by Modeling:
Elaborate with Sound:
As a choreographer you have many tasks from collaborating with musicians to choosing costumes. But what do you consider to be your main goal?
Teaching your choreography to a group of dancers in a short time period that they can remember for a long time period. 
Unfortunately, this is a very difficult task, especially for young choreographers!

How will S.T.E.P. help make your job easier?

Practice maintenance rehearsal so that dancers store your choreography in their long-term memories. 

Emerging Choreographers!
What is Your Mission?

S.T.E.P. is a tutorial system designed to help young choreographers teach their choreography time efficiently while also allowing their dancers to store more choregraphy in their long-term memory. This system implements teaching strategies derived from theories in educational psychology in an easily accessible four-step system.  The system explains strategies for introducing new choreography, teaching choreography, and rehearsing. 


You are free to move throughout the system however you want, but it is recommended that you begin with the link below and move chronologically in order to fully take advantage  of this system. 

Ready to Get Started?

To begin this tutorial you will need to click the link below. It will lead you to an activity that will determine how astute your working memory is. When you have finished the activity you can return to this page, scroll to the top, and click on the S.T.E.P. tab to continue.

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